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Photoshop Elements - Curves Adjustment

When you need to adjust the contrast, your first choice for the job is should be levels. However, when there is no spare room at the ends of the histogram, it's time to turn to the 'curves' tool where you can adjust selected parts of the tonal range.

You can open the 'curves' window by using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+M in windows or cmd M on a Mac. Alternatively you can find it under enhance->adjust color in Elements or image->adjustments in Photoshop.

Although there is a separate 'brightness' & 'contrast' window, the 'curves' adjustment is a more professional option as you can really see what you are doing.

Here's a simple video tutorial showing how it's done:-

These videos are best viewed on a screen with greater than 1280x720px. | View more of my videos via my Youtube channel.

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