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A multi_layered image made in Photoshop

In the 'good old days', when we had finished the day's photography, we would disappear into the darkroom and spend hours breathing in the fumes of nasty, smelly chemicals in the pursuit of our art, now we have Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop is the greatest program known to man, well photographers anyway. Computers were invented just to run Photoshop. Every picture on this website has had some work done on it in Photoshop, even if it was just to get the size right.

This section of the site consists of a few tutorials for the absolute beginner covering such essentials as making your pictures the right size, getting the contrast right and getting the color right.

There are also tutorials on RAW files, how to sharpen your photos and how to edit photos using the quick mask.

There are several video tutorials, one on curves, and the other on levels and quite a few others in cluding a three part series on how to edit RAW files.

Looking around the web, the most often repeated sin the photos that I see is the tilting horizon so here's a tutorial to address that called Straightening Horizons and Converging Verticals. Also a tutorial on how to Replace a Boring Sky.

There are a couple of tutorials aimed at the Black and White enthusiasts, one on using the channel mixer and another on using curves in adjustment layers .

See the Photoshop menu above for a complete list of editing tutorials.

We also have a comprehensive tutorial on how to make HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures with Photomatix Pro software.

These tutorials are not meant as an instruction book for using Photoshop they are designed to help you make better, more informed choices in your editing, whatever software you may use.

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