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'Manipulative Couple'

photo editing an image using layers on Photoshop

Here's a fun picture I made in Photoshop.

Technically it's quite simple, I'm sure I don't really need to explain how to do it. I simply sandwiched the two shots together using layer mask to get rid of the bits I didn't want in each photo, then drew in the 'strings' using the pencil tool. In order to try to make the strings look as realistic as possible, I first drew black lines then made a duplicate layer. Using the 'invert' choice on the image menu to make the black lines into white lines.

I now had two layers with the same lines on them, one with black lines and one with white lines. I then moved one layer a tiny bit to make both layers visible but slightly overlapping. I put the black layer above the white layer then changed the opacity of the white layer to about half. In the full size 'print' version of this picture the lines look quite realistic, but the anti-aliasing doesn't work too well on the screen size version.

The thing I like about this picture is the idea, a cynical one I know, but you do see a lot of couples who seem to be 'pulling each other's strings' all the time.

Having an idea in your head and being able to get it all down on paper exactly as you saw it can be quite difficult. Most of the time the idea gets watered down or changed along the way due to the practicalities of the real world. So it's nice when you end up with more or less exactly what you set out to achieve.

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