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Late afternoon sun on a rusty nail

Sunlit texture shot

Last summer I spent an energetic morning sawing off one of my arms and one of my legs before taking them to the camera shop and exchanging them for a brand new Canon EOS 300D and two zoom lenses. It has proved a little difficult changing lenses with only one arm but I manage somehow.

That afternoon I went down to the beach to try it out. I discovered a nice grungy beach where the local fishermen keep their boats and within a few minutes took this shot and the next one.

Old bits of wood and rusty nails in the late afternoon sun are standard fodder for any 'arty' photographer so I made a print of each and they now hang in my lounge.

Needless to say I am delighted with the quality of the Canon and am now a happy convert to the digital age. I'm still a bit concerned about the storage of digital images but the manufacturers seem to be working hard to come up with solutions. In the meantime I'll keep buying bigger and bigger hard drives.

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